Broadcast World Mission training

Broadcast World Mission training

Interested in cross cultural mission? Looking for some training but not sure how to access this?

Commission is working with other Newfrontiers churches to take part in Broadcast World mission training. This course aims to equip those looking to serve the gospel overseas by providing training in cross-cultural mission. 

Broadcast training is delivered monthly via an online platform using live online talks delivered by an expert in the field followed by Q&A and discussion. 

Broadcast works best if a small group gather together to participate in the online talks, as learning happens best in community. The ideal scenario is for a group (hubs) to be co-ordinated by a church or a number of churches who are geographically close together. 

We currently have 3 hubs across Commission UK churches and are hoping to start more if there is sufficient interest. These are located in Bristol, Bournemouth and Woking. There are other hubs in Southampton, Bedford and Birmingham too. See below for the upcoming topics, and if you want to sign up, contact us via the website!

And it's free!

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