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What is Framework?

On this course we will journey together into the Bible, deepening our understanding of the content, and discovering practical ways to apply this knowledge to our daily lives. The course meets on three Saturday mornings a term, and is based around a small number of easily available and affordable books by well known authors. It is modular in structure enabling you to attend the whole course over two years, or alternatively for just a term or two at a time, take a break & then return to the course at a later date. Learning takes place through pre-reading (or pre-listening), lecture style teaching, group discussion and where possible, some immediate practical application.


What does the course include? 

Year 1 - Systematic Theology & Church History:

  • Systematic theology (Based on 'Christian Beliefs' by Wayne Grudem 
  • Church History (Based on 'Church History' by Christopher Catherwood
Year 2 - Biblical Theology & Apologetics 
  • Biblical Theology (Based on 'A Passion for God's Story' by Philip Greenslade')
  • Apologetics - (Based on 'The Reason for God' by Tim Keller)

The Framework course is priced at £15 per team excluding the price of books. 

How does it run? 

Sessions run on a Saturday 09:00 - 12:30 


The King’s Centre
Lees Buildings
High Street
Honiton, EX14 1DH

How do I apply? 


Phone: 01404 43800 


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