Training to live and think biblically

WordPlus will not be running the 2017/2018 modules. If you're interested in starting in 2018, please register your interest at office@commission-together.org

What is WordPlus?

WordPlus is an excellent training tool to equip Christians and help them think and live biblically. It has been designed to give everyone an opportunity to learn theology in an easily accessible and systematic way to cover areas such as an understanding of God's character and his ways, to get to grips with the Old and New Testament, foundational doctrines and church history. More information on the syllabus can be found on the WordPlus website

The course consists of 10 modules and is taught over two years (five Saturdays each year between October and May typically from 9.30am-4.45pm). Each module involves about six hours teaching and home study. 


WordPlus is suitable for any Christian who wants to study the Bible and theology at greater depth in order to get a better grasp in their minds of the key themes of scripture and God's call upon people to follow him. WordPlus is about loving God with your mind. It probably won't suit very new Christians, or people who are not yet fairly regular readers of the Bible!

Each training day is a full day of lectures - usually without any worship and only a few short prayers. Typically there are six hours of lectures.

Those who teach aim to make the lectures engaging and point to the application of biblical beliefs to both individual and corporate life. The teaching is given by leaders from our Commission churches.

Typically we are aiming to have about 40 to 60 students join in each year.

The coffee break and the lunch break provide opportunities for friendships to be developed between people from different churches.


The base for WordPlus in the coming year is Sunbury (Open Door Church)


The dates for the 2017/18 modules vary depending on the base you choose. See the WordPlus website for more details. 


The cost of the course is £70 per person. 

As well as paying for the excellent teaching, this cost includes the provision of all notes for the course, and drinks and snacks each Saturday (sorry, lunch is not included).

Applicants are encouraged to speak to their church leader about attending. 

For further details and to apply please follow this link to the WordPlus website or email Andy@Commission-WordPlus.org.uk.


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