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If not you, then who? If not now, then when?

3rd February, 2018


£15 (or £10 if you book before 11th September)


Westminster Chapel, London


9.30 - 20:00


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It is so easy to live our lives thinking that we will take the next step of faith with God when we have reached the next stage. Finishing uni, getting married, finding a job, having kids…. there is always a reason to hold back from what God is calling us into.

I am really excited for another Commission Students through thirties event for Feb 2018. We will be back at Westminster Chapel, for another excellent day of teaching, equipping and envisioning for the Commission that we are called to.

When David went to face Goliath, that wasn’t the first battle he had faced, he was used to trusting in God, when no one was looking, against the bears and the lions. The time is now for our generation to be learning to trust God, and follow him in every area of our lives, for there will be many 'Goliaths' to come. 

Who is it for?

This will bless anyone, but is specifically aimed at you if you are aged 18 through thirty. Whether you're at home, at work or studying; If you want to be equipped to follow Jesus in every area of life then CST 2018 is for you.



Guy -Miller -2Leading on from the envisioning Westpoint event Guy is passionately and energetically raising young women and men to be part of the mission seeing 1000’s of lives changed in hundreds of churches in tens of nations. As inspiring and challenging speaker Guy will equip you to live a purpose filled life.


J.John 1Evangelist, minister, speaker, social activist and writer, J.John has a remarkable gift for communicating the truth in an engaging, stimulating and practical way. His passion for story-telling enables him to bring the gospel to life in a fresh and contemporary manner. He will inspire and equip us to live for Jesus, and act "now".


  • 9:30: Arrival/Registration 
  • 10:00-12:00:  J.John (including worship and ministry)
  • 12:00- 13:30: Lunch will not be provided but there are plenty of great places to eat nearby! 
  • 13:30-14:45: Seminars (There will be a choice of 4 seminars to choose from - see listing below) 
  • 14:45-15:15: Break - Enough time for a quick caffeine boost and to chat to some new people.
  • 15:15-16:30: Seminars (The same 4 as before)
  • 16:30-18:00: Dinner - time to try somewhere new to eat in London
  • 18:00- 20:00: Guy Miller (including worship and response)

Westminster Chapel is wheelchair accessible via the side gate which is located to the left of the main entrance. If you require level access, simply enter through the gate and go through the courtyard where you will see a blue ramp. Then take the first right into the main hall. If you should require any assistance, make yourself known to the events team who will be happy to help, you can also also do that ahead of the event by emailing them at

  • Leaving Uni with more than a degree - Chris McBurney (UCCF)
University offers arguably the best opportunities right now for you to share the good news of Jesus! In this seminar we'll be looking to show you that you can be confident that the gospel makes a difference on your campus and equip you to share it and live in its light! This means we'll be looking at engaging evangelism to what it is to be salt in light in lectures, societies and nights out.

  • Suits: Honouring God and my Boss - William Dalziel (Elder at Kings Church Catford) 
As Christians we are called to be salt and light at work - the Church’s frontline.  How does Jesus’ work change our work?  How can we challenge our culture by putting God first at work, while meeting the expectations of our employer and colleagues?  Is the purpose of work to meet our material needs, express our creativity, and channel our ambition?  Or is it to expand God’s Kingdom and rule on earth?  Can we really serve, let alone honour, both God and man?  In this seminar we will explore the challenges Christians face in their careers, the place of ambition, and the pressure to compromise is pursuit of success.  The seminar will help you bring to bear biblical wisdom into your own career and context

  • Fighting the Lions and the Bears: Overcoming addiction - Chris Kimbangi, Andy & Shan Mehigan

It’s funny how we concentrate on the future and forget about what’s important now! We are a generation that wants things quick and easy. By thinking like this we get caught up in things and then struggle to get out, we create addictions. This isn’t about making you feel guilty - but about trusting that Jesus is more committed to your long term joy than even yourself! After all when no one was looking David learned to trust when defeating the bears and the lions. In this seminar we will be inspired by scripture and encouraged by Andy and Sian’s testimony.

  • How to share the gospel now - Guy and Heather Miller 

Guy and Heather will be talking in very practical terms about the vital issue of how to share your faith, life and resources to bless those around you and bring transformation to your university, college, street and workplace.

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