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As an international family of churches, we are involved in supporting churches and ministries in a number of different locations across the globe.


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Here are two great stories from our family of churches. For more great stories about what is going on across our churches, visit our blog.


Cristo Vencedor Building Project

Thanks to a generous grant from Commission, we now have been able to turn a three-office unit with double garage into a wonderful facility for our Spanish-speaking International Church.  In addition to having a café area, a classroom, an office and a main auditorium, we are now able to offer the following activities to the community: a singing group in English specifically designed to help Spanish students and adults learn and practice their English skills through music, and a warehouse where members of both the local congregation and the community can come and receive food and clothing as they have need.  Thank you, Commission!

Andy and Donna Walker


Serving in the 8-11s at WESTPOINT

A young boy in my kid’s work group (8-11s) was struggling to integrate with the others and to stay focused in the meetings. He was hitting himself. And avoiding eye contact when people looked at him. He was also experiencing weakness in his knees and couldn’t stand up or engage with worship. When asked, he was eager for me and the group to pray for his knees. God healed him completely and instantly. For the rest of the weekend he jumped and danced. He was filled with the joy of the Lord. Then the next day he turned to me with a huge smile on his face. And said, “I love myself”. But his love didn’t stop with himself. It overflowed into love for others. His gifts of compassion, concern, and acute awareness of other people’s emotions showed in his every word and deed. “We love because he loved us first” (1 John 4: 19). I believe Jesus has an amazing plan for this boy’s life. It was an honour to witness just a tiny step on this disciple’s journey.

Timothy Wiles

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