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Commission has a range of blog posts and stories from both our events and our family of churches around the world. Read posts by Guy Miller and others below, or read stories about social action and community projects.

Guy Miller’s Blog

Thoughts from London

  I  am writing this blog from our rented flat in Battersea, on the hottest Easter weekend on record, and with the constant rumble of trains passing our window – making me feel like a goldfish in a bowl. Seven million passengers a year could wave hello as they...

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General Blog

3 Must read books before Westpoint 2019

Westpoint 2019 features an amazing line up of speakers including Hannah Anderson, Andrew Wilson and Andy McCullough. Not only are they engaging speakers, but they have written excellent books too! We decided to ask some people within Commission to read and review...

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This is not fake news: journalists want to do good

Your church probably has two responses to the notion of engaging with the media. It’s either extremely nervous, or it simply sees local newspapers and radio as tools for promoting events. That’s the typical attitude of most UK churches, according to Natalie Williams...

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One Way group

About 11 years ago, we were prompted to start this ministry because of unmet local needs. ‘One Way’ is predominately a Drop–in providing a place to be and somewhere to feel safe, receive practical, emotional or spiritual help, to set a direction for the future.

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