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Commission has a range of blog posts and stories from both our events and our family of churches around the world. Read posts by Guy Miller and others below, or read stories about social action and community projects.

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Christchurch Food Festival

Christchurch has had a food festival in town for nearly 20 years; – it turns the town upside down and brings in perhaps 100,000 people, though we aren’t certain on numbers. Some of us in the church sought for a means of being involved, e.g. perhaps by offering a tea tent or the like.

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Bacon and Eggs

6:15am on a Saturday morning. The alarm rings and I drag myself out of bed tiptoeing around the house trying not to wake anyone else up. I’d love to say I spring out of bed ready to go, but I’m one of those people who like their duvet too much and need a hot shower and strong cup of coffee before the day makes sense!

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