Church planting

Why do we focus on starting new churches?

Starting new churches is a crucial part of what we do together. Research shows that new churches often grow faster and are more effective in reaching out to others, and we want to continue to give lots of focus to seeing further churches established in this way.

When we read the Bible we see that Paul started churches wherever he went, training and raising leaders as he did so. So we put a high priority on wanting to see hundreds of churches established in tens of nations. In this way, we believe that thousands of lives will be transformed.

We start new churches in a number of ways …

New churches


  • An individual feels called to go to a particular place, they are the catalyst for a team to gather together and start meeting.
  • A church leadership team sees an opportunity for another church and gathers a team to send to the new location.
  • A member of the Commission leadership team sense it is the right time to see a new work established in a particular town and raises a team for this.

Multisite churches

A multisite church is defined as one church that meets in multiple locations.  This can be a way of reaching new communities or towns without requiring a completely new church structure.

Multi-language congregations

Some of our churches have multiple language groups attending and have different services for these. This can be a very effective way of reaching entirely new communities in the same building.

Where we want to go

We have many locations where we have just launched a new church or congregation, and others that we are considering. If you are interested in finding out more about any of these then please do contact us.

Commission is an international family of churches.  Due to the nature of some of the countries we are involved in, we limit public sharing of key information.   There are a number of nations where we are significantly involved, but in order to minimise risk to those churches we deliberately do not mention every place we are based.

However, no place is off-limits so if there is another place you are passionate about then please contact us.

New church plants and congregations

Recent churches plants and congregations established include:

New areas

We hope to launch in the following areas in 2019:

  • Ghana, Takoradi-Sekondi
  • Kings Worthy, Winchester 

Other areas being considered:

The following areas are currently under consideration:

  • Blandford, UK
  • Madrid, Spain: Planning a second site.
  • Marlborough, UK
  • Petersfield, UK
  • Portugal
  • Sherborne, UK
  • Warminster, UK

Are you good to go?

When Jesus said, ‘and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria and to the ends of the earth’ (Acts 1: 8), it was quite a statement considering the tiny number of men and women who knew Him at that time. But what an impact those individuals went on to have on the world around them.

Generations later, the echoes of that impact are still seen, and the words of Jesus to ‘go and make disciples of all nations’ continue to resound with us like the clear ringing of a bell. But our mission is not complete, and so it falls to us to continue to give all our energy to seeing it fulfilled.

Many people feel the call to go, whether local, national or international. Some may respond at a conference, feeling somehow that they need to get involved and play their part in the Great Commission. Perhaps that is you? Why not get in touch to discuss this further?

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