Children’s Workers’ Conference

Sat 20th Oct 2018

Price: £15

Location: Hope Church, Winchester, UK

Time: 9:00 – 17:30

Speaker(s): Becky Peacock, Olly Goldenberg

Who is it for?

Whether you’ve been a Children’s Worker for 3 months or 30 years this is for you! Whether you’ve never been to a children’s worker conference before or have been to many this is for you. This is about receiving fresh vision and inspiration about everything that Children’s Work can be. Get booked in, and make sure your team know about it too!


What is it?

Come along to the Commission Kids Workers Conference to catch a vision for a greater move of God in your children’s work. We want to raise your expectations for what ‘normal’ kids ministry can and should look like. Be challenged in your faith for what God wants to do with and through the children you have in your church to reach your neighbourhood, schools, your town, our cities, the nation, and the ends of the earth!

There will be plenty of time for you encounter your heavenly Father as we remember, before any role or job title, we are firstly his children. Let us lead you in new and imaginative activities to help you encounter God, receive freedom, breakthrough, and be released in new gifts. Be inspired by the different creative ways that you could minister and lead your children (and adults!) into the presence of God without neglecting all the fun and freedom that the kingdom of God should encompass!

Brand new for this year we will have seminars digging deeper into the practicalities of how we can run high quality, spirit-filled activities for the early years, and those with additional needs. Included in the seminars is specific teaching which will unpack the theology of children and how the church welcomes and equips them as the most receptive people to the gospel in our community. Our guest speaker will also help church and children’s leaders practically in how to take the next step in building spirit-filled children’s work.

Set aside the day to unpack just why Jesus valued children so highly and said the Kingdom of God belongs to such as these. For kid’s workers, volunteers, ministry leaders, and elders to worship, encounter, learn, and grow together in children’s ministry.



9:00 – 9:30:       Registration and refreshments
9:30 -11:00:     “Going Deeper”- Becky Peacock
11:00-11:15:     Coffee break
11:15-12:00:    “Anointed by God” – Olly Goldenberg
12:00-13:00:     Lunch
13:00-15:00:     Encounters
15:00-15:15:     Coffee break

15:15-15:45:     Seminars: Options as follows:

Seminar 1:   Developing Encounters: Debbie Nurse
Seminar 2:   Elders Forum: Dave Rogers
Seminar 3:   Make Way, Jesus is coming!: Sam Smith
Seminar 4:   The process of Discipleship: Olly Goldenberg 

16:00-16:45:     Seminars: Options as follows:

Seminar 1:    All children Welcome: Sarah Hounslow, Kate Ellis, Becky
Seminar 2:     Children in the church: Working together to see vision
realised, Dave Rogers
Seminar 3:     Make Way, Jesus is coming! : Sam Smith
Seminar 4:     The process of Discipleship: Olly Goldenberg 

16:45-17:30:     Final celebration
17:30:     Finish

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