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Stories from Lebanon

Karen Priest, Lebanon

God has continually shown His blessing and provision to us, and the team we are here with, since before we started preparing to come out.

A Muslim refugee family known to us have 3 young children. The middle child has leukaemia which has also spread to his brain and has been receiving treatment for many years. Although registered with the UN as refugees, and partially supported by an NGO, the family constantly have to raise money to pay for the little boy’s treatment and the time that he has to stay in hospital. By God’s amazing grace, often through the generosity of their families, they have managed to pay everything. The hospital bills are often at least double the father’s monthly wages, and no-one else in the family works. Many times God has provided at the exact time the money has been needed. Now they have been granted medical asylum in a European country where all of their medical bills will be paid for.

At one point the boy had a blood clot on his brain which he received treatment for, although this was necessary it also delayed his cancer treatment. After this he deteriorated quickly, growing more and more lethargic, unable to run around, not even walking, sleeping lots and not really responding to anyone. The problem(s) in his brain had also been making him fit. One of the doctors at the hospital said that he wouldn’t recover or improve from this state but would only get worse and would soon become fully paralysed. The Dad didn’t tell anyone but, remembering all the love he and his family have been shown by believers, decided to go to a place in Lebanon where Christians go to pray, although he didn’t know where it was or what it was, because he wanted to pray to Jesus to ask him for help for his son. He slowly made his way there and sat there
for hours because he felt a deep peace and as though God was hearing his prayers, which he had never felt before.  He saw that there were oils for healing and asked about them, so they gave him a bottle, praying over it in the name of Jesus.  He went straight back to the hospital and covered his sons chest in the oil, leaving the bottle there for his wife to do the same thing the next day, before leaving and coming back to his house. Two days later the doctor came and saw his son.  She was amazed and said that she couldn’t believe how he was recovering! The little boy could move smoothly, talk with people, and was even able to stand a little on his feet and so she released him from that stay at the hospital! Since then he has got even better and stronger, he can now walk and run, calls out and talks with people.  The doctor said he should be getting worse but
he is getting better! His dad has told our team that he knows that his son is getting better because of Jesus!

Another family

The Dad of a refugee family we know had a problem with his blood, and possibly his liver, needing regular blood transfusions to alleviate symptoms and prolong his life. The time between these transfusions got shorter and shorter until doctors refused to do any more as they weren’t helping him and were costing the family a lot of money. They sent him home to die within the next few days. His wife had been attending a local church for aid and asked the pastor to come and pray with the Dad. The pastor came and prayed, but also insisted that all of the family should also pray with him, including the children. The family waited for their Dad to die, but he didn’t. One month later they took him back to the hospital where the doctors tested his blood. When the results came back they were astounded, not only was there no illness, but the Dad’s blood type had also changed. He had completely new blood!! As a result of this, the whole family have now chosen to follow Jesus.

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